Final SDA AGM Resource Pack3.53 MB
SDA Board Members 2017 - 2020 latest115.72 KB
SDA bylaw 2010437.46 KB
SHAREHOLDERS COMPACT 26 march 2017596.08 KB
Reviewed Subsidized vehicles policy- 2015142.92 KB
Language Policy Final200.05 KB
MC Agenda Disability Policy final269.52 KB
MC Agenda Gender policy final389.41 KB
MC Agenda Youth Policy final465.99 KB
Asset Management Policy 2017/181.19 MB
Blacklisting Policy 2017/18348.66 KB
Budget Policy 2017/18399.97 KB
Water tariff Schedule 2018/2021373.57 KB
Credit Control & Debt Collection Policy 2017/18407.26 KB
Water and sanitation service: Development changes policy 2017/18205.95 KB
Draft: Free basic water policy 2017/18371.95 KB
Funding and Reserve Policy 2017/18530.64 KB
Indigent Policy 2017/18248.82 KB
Investment and Cash Management Policy 2017/18373.41 KB
Petty Cash Policy 2017/18253.84 KB
SCM Consilidated Policy 2017/181.10 MB
SDM Virement Policy 2017/18491.14 KB
Tariff Policy 2017/18215.44 KB
Indigent Policy 2016-17250.76 KB
Investment and Cash Management Policy 2016-17383.58 KB
AM Policy 2016-17627.71 KB
Blacklisting Policy SDM348.99 KB
Funding and Reserve Policy 2016-17543.11 KB
Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy 2016-17403.74 KB
Free Basic Water Policy 2016-17372.75 KB
Petty Cash Policy253.74 KB
SDM Virement Policy 2016-17481.45 KB
Water tariff Schedule 2016-2019371.01 KB
Budget Policy 2015-16400.13 KB
Budget Policy 2016-17400.54 KB
Supply Chain Management Policy806.62 KB