Chief Whip

It is apparent that the new system of government presents a paradigm shift as it incorporates a vision of a developmental local government. The Office of the Chief Whip was established to create synergy and to maintain discipline among councillors from various political parties, and to ensure coordination and accountability to the service delivery processes.

The operations of the council and the conduct of political representatives are an integrated mesh of roles, functions and responsibilities for which the Chief Whip has to unify councillors to ensure the growth and development of the municipality comes first, and the integrity of the municipality is maintained. The Chief Whip provides administrative and secretariat support services to all councillors. This support strengthened the effectiveness of councillors in their role as public representatives.

Other whippery roles assigned to this office include intervening in disputes between communities and councillors as well as facilitating consensus between different parties in council.

Primary core role of the Chief Whip is to maintain cohesion within the governing party and to build relationships with other political parties. Other tasks include: making sure that each of the political parties are properly represented on the various committees; maintaining sound relations between the various political parties; and attending to disputes between political parties.

Key strategic goals of the Office is to maintain also to approve, in consultation with the Speaker, the use of the office and meeting spaces by councillors and political parties. The office is also responsible for the granting of leave of absence from meetings of council and its committee in accordance with the applicable rules of order. The Chief Whip will also be expected to assist the Speaker to determine a programme for training for the developmental needs of councillors.

While it's overtly expected of the Chief Whip to harmonise relations between various political parties in council and maintain discipline among members of council whenever the Code of Conduct of Councillors is breached.