Date PublishedBid No.Description
2022-11-08SK8/3/1-19/2022/23 ,SK8/3/1-20/2022/23 ,SK8/3/1-21/2022/23 ,SK8/3/1-22/2022/23 ,SK8/3/1-23/2022/23 ,SK8/3/1-24/2022/23 , SK8/3/1-26/2022/23EXTENSION OF VALIDITY PERIOD FOR A PERIOD OF SIXTY (60) DAYS
2022-07-20SK8/3/1-09/2022/2023Erratum - SK8/3/1- 09/2022/2023 - Appointment of Three (03) Service Providers to be in The Panel of Forensic Investigators For a Period of Three (03) Years
2022-06-03Extension of Closing Date De-Hoop/Malekana
2022-01-28SK8/8/1-17/2021/22Appointment of Term Contractor for Civil Works for a period of 36 month
2022-01-28SK8/8/1-18/2021/22Appointment of Term Contractor for Hydroligical Services, Drilling, Testing and Equipping of Boreholes for a period of 36 month
2022-01-28SK8/8/1-19/2021/22Appointment of Term Contractor for Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals for a period of 36 month